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Projects Currently Underway

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How long do I have to give feedback on a project before marking it complete?You might be wondering how long you have to review material produced by your expert. This article will have the answers you are looking for.
How to convert a project to a consultation or a consultation to a project
Can I change a review once it is submitted?In this article we detail our review policy and whether or not Codeable permits editing reviews at a later date.
Need additional help from your current expert?How to contact your previous expert and continue working with them on additional requests
Warranty period for RetainersHow does the warranty and guarantee work on Retainer tasks?
How does the "SCOPE OF WORK" feature work?
Do You Offer 1099, W9, or W8-BEN-E Tax Forms?IRS tax forms (W-2, W-9, 1099-MISC, W8-BEN-E)
Can I add a teammate/colleague to my project?Can I Have Multiple Team Members Inside a Project? How do I grant other people access to my project?
Will the code provided by Codeable experts be "update proof"?I asked for update proof code, but it's no longer working after update.
Is it possible to speak live on a call with experts?Are developers available to talk over the phone?
How is project management handled on Codeable?Is the client or expert responsible for project management?
How to mark an additional task complete?Additional tasks are marked complete independently from main projects.
How to get an estimate and hire an expertHere's a quick demo showing you how to submit your project on Codeable for our experts to begin engaging with you
How do I access my Credential vault using my mobile device?Here's how to access your vault when using your phone or tablet
How do I attach a file to my project workroom?Here's how you can upload files and attachments to your project workroom
How do I reply to 1 specific expert in my workroom?
How can I switch my expert for a new one?
How do I mark a task as complete?Marking projects complete; consultation projects, normal projects & additional tasks
How does the Notification system work?
Credential VaultHow to use Credential Vault to safely share and update your site credentials with our expert developers
How do I get in touch with my expert if they aren't responding?
I forgot to leave a review, is it too late?After you complete your project, you're given the option of leaving a rating and review for your expert based on your experience
How do I cancel a project?
How do I update the project title/description after my project is posted?
How do I extend my expiring retainer task?My retainer task is expiring soon.