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How is project management handled on Codeable?
How is project management handled on Codeable?

Is the client or expert responsible for project management?

Updated over a week ago

From all the successful projects we've seen, project management is usually a shared responsibility that starts with proper communication about expectations up front, before the developer even estimates.

We recommend all project management communication stays inside the Codeable Workroom, but that said, it's not uncommon at all for our experts to work with a clients existing project management system.

Often on Codeable you are working directly with the developer which creates a unique dynamic, as there is no project manager in the middle to translate from client to developer.ย 

If you absolutely require the developer to fulfill the whole project management role and responsibility, we also have teams available on Codeable who can carry more of that burden to help you.ย 

Codeable developers are required to deliver on our quality promise so they do a certain level of project management but if you have certain requirements that can be discussed and confirmed prior to the engagement so everyone is on the same page.

It really comes down to the requirements of the client and those to be crystal clear up front, and our experts should not estimate until all is clear and they know they can deliver.

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