No task is too small for Codeable, we help with projects of all shapes and sizes.

Many of our experts actually prefer smaller tasks!

What makes a task "small" is sorta the question here, as sometimes what seems small can actually be more involved.

The minimum a task gets estimated here is about $70-$120 USD. If you have an ongoing project with a developer they are sometimes able to estimate small "additional tasks" at $70 + fees for quick fixes "while they are in there" sorta tasks.  

So if you value spending at least $70 – $120 to have your small task done for you, it's certainly worth posting and asking for help!

But what if your task only takes 5 minutes?

We get this pushback a lot and it's understandable. But we focus on quality above all here, and honestly it's rarely the fact that it only takes 5 minutes... And that 5-minutes is for an expert, who has spent hours and hours in order to know how. 

Getting the requirements clear, backing up, implementing, testing, and delivering more often then not takes more than just 5 minutes. 

Remember, it's always free to post on Codeable asking for help, and no obligation to hire and proceed if you receive an estimate!

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