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Posting Your Project
Posting Your Project

Information about how to post your project and what to expect

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How Much Will It Cost To Troubleshoot My Website Issue?How is pricing determined for troubleshooting and debugging tasks
How fast would I be able to get some work done?How long does it take to get someone working on my project?
Is the live chat to discuss development or Codeable in general?
Is this task too small for a Codeable developer?Is Codeable a good fit to help with my small task?
How do I post a project for an expert I've worked with?Posting a new project for specific experts
Will you make sure my developer does not run out on me mid-project?What if my developer disappears before the project is complete?
Are your developers familiar with this specific theme?I am looking for help with _________ theme.
I need to extend or add features to this specific plugin. Can you help?Do you have experts who work with _________ plugin?
Do you have developers available to help at any hour?What if I require help at an odd hour?
Is this site similar to Upwork?How does Codeable compare to sites like UpWork,
Do I have to register to post a project?Do I need an account to speak to a developer?
What if I do not have a known budget for my project?I'm not sure how much my project requires in terms of time and cost.
Should I require Codeable to sign an NDA before sharing the project details?Codeable & Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
How to post your projectHere's a quick demo showing you how to submit your project on Codeable for our experts to begin engaging with you
How does Codeable find the best expert for my project?Allow us to matchmake you with the best suited WordPress developer for your project
Codeable expert vetting processEvery single developer goes through this vetting process ensuring our clients are being helped by the best of the best
What if I don't feel safe providing access to my live website?We know it can be hard trusting new developers with your website, so we help make it easy.
Phrases to avoid when posting your projectThere are some key phrases that will turn developers off from your project... these should be avoided to get the best response
Why does my project cost more than I was anticipating?My theme/plugin only costs $50, so why does it cost more than that to have customizations made to it?
What is a consultation project?What is a consultation, how does it work, and what's included?
Retainers on CodeableRecurring monthly payments. Subscription-like work agreements
Will my project be publicly available?
Can you help with my non-WordPress project?Do you do other work besides WordPress development?
Which 'Urgency' should I select?How quickly do you need your project completed?
How to select your category when posting your projectWe can help if you're unsure which category to select when submitting your project
How to describe your project detailsGuide to writing a proper description or project brief
Can Codeable help with my project?What is Codeable and what sets us apart
How does communication work?How do I reply to the experts?