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How do I post a project for an expert I've worked with?
How do I post a project for an expert I've worked with?

Posting a new project for specific experts

Updated over a week ago

On Codeable, over 70% of our clients are returning, choosing to work with the same expert(s) again and again.

You can always send messages to your experts in archived projects, and they will be notified and get back to you. Your expert can then create new additional tasks for more work, or you can start a new project with an expert you've already worked with, and there are two ways to get started.

Option A: Navigating to your expert's developer page and clicking the 'HIRE NAME' button at the top of their profile.

For example:

Option B: When posting your new project, you may enter your chosen expert's name in the submission form (

For example:

Both Option A and B will accomplish the same thing: posting a new project for your chosen experts to continue working with you on your new request.

After selecting the preferred experts, you will have the option of having your project stay preferred for them or having your project public for all experts after 24 hours.

If you tick the option and have not hired one of your preferred experts after 24 hours, your project will be automatically released to all Codeable experts.

You can also ask the support team to make your preferred project public anytime you want. However, we cannot add or remove preferred experts once your project is posted.

Please note: It’s optional to select a Preferred expert, and if you don’t enter any names into this field, our system will match you with the right experts who can help you.

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