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My project only has one expert, how can I receive more attention?
My project only has one expert, how can I receive more attention?

Is having only one expert replying to my project normal? What can I do to receive more attention?

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Have you recently created a project and received less expert attention than you hoped for?

We wanted to go over a few reasons why having one expert engage isn't necessarily a bad thing while also providing a little more information about why there might not be more than one expert estimating.

Supply and demand

As a platform, Codeable has over 500 registered experts across the world - with roughly 70% of our talent pool being active and helping with projects at any given time.

Due to the growing popularity of WordPress as a CMS and Codeable's growing popularity as the world's leading WordPress freelancer platform, we are seeing more and more projects posted to our platform. This means that sometimes our workforce is spread thin.

Although we would love to have every project enjoy engagement from multiple experts, our primary goal is to get every project matched with at least one qualified expert who is capable of assisting.

Improving a project's description

We’ve found that the projects submitted on Codeable which experience challenges getting engagement are often due to unclear requests, unachievable deadlines, or inadequate budgets.

It's for this reason that we encourage clients to review this article about writing a top-quality brief, to garner the attention of our developers and maximize their chances of success on the platform.

If you're flexible with your budget or deadline, let the expert(s) know!

Requesting additional expert attention

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not the reason your project only has one expert engaging instead of more is because of lack of available talent or because there is an issue with the project brief, budget, or timeline.

If you're unsure, please feel free to ask support to review your project and make recommendations.

What happens if you like your expert, but not their estimate?

If you get an estimate that doesn’t fit within your expectations, we can try recruiting more estimates but there is no guarantee that adding additional estimates will reduce the cost of your project. At Codeable all estimates are averaged for a final price to the client so adding more estimates to your project could have the opposite effect and increase. It may still lower it as well, though, too.

For more information about how Codeable pricing works, please see this article:

We hope this information has helped you learn more about the Codeable platform. Please feel free to continue to use the chat feature to reach out to support if you have any questions or requests.

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