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How does pricing work?
How does pricing work?

Rates and how estimates work on Codeable.

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Pricing all depends on the scope of work to be completed. So the bigger, more involved the project, the more it will cost to complete.

Our recommended rates on Codeable range USD $80 - $120 per hour and are based on the total scope to be completed (approx. # of hours), complexity, and urgency.

The best way to get started is to post your project (for free) here:

Once it's posted, our experts will begin finding your project, and the ones who are most qualified with your particular project's scope will make comments and ask you questions to get it 100% defined and crystal clear. Then they'll provide an estimate to complete it.

No matter if multiple experts estimate, you get one (1) price.

That price is more than the average. It excludes extreme prices and ensures you get the best, most representative quote to complete your project.

Your final estimate already includes the 17.5% service charge, which covers your satisfaction guarantee, our escrow service that keeps your funds safe until your project is complete, top-notch support and all the other comforts that being a Codeable client comes with.

If our experts can provide you with an estimate, that's wonderful! But there's no obligation to hire unless you feel everything is clear and you are comfortable proceeding.ย 

If you have questions about your estimate, you can always ask the experts commenting or reach out to Codeable Support.

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