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My estimate seems high. What can I do?
My estimate seems high. What can I do?

Explanation and what to do if pricing is higher than expected.

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Our experts are only allowed to take on tasks and projects they know they can solve and they are asking you questions in order to get your project properly defined and crystal clear as to the deliverables.

This results in accurate estimates that are based on the scope to be completed.

Naturally, our expert's estimates are not always aligned with your budget, but they will tell you why your budget might be off. They are following our strict pricing policies and you can trust them to always treat you professionally and with respect.

What you can do if your estimate seems too high:

  1. Post a polite comment for the experts asking for them to help explain how the estimate is broken down.ย 

  2. Reduce the scope of work to the priority items you need help with. The expert can adjust their estimate accordingly if they are still able to help.ย 

  3. Have Codeable Support give it a second look for you, we monitor and trust our experts but if you feel an estimate is high it's Ok to say something.

We should also make sure you know the estimated number you see already includes Codeable's 17.5% fee.

As you can see there are a number of ways to continue the discussion if initially you feel the estimate you've been provided is too high.ย 

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