Codeable charges 17.5% on top of the total average estimate submitted by our experts and that’s it!

For example, if your project is estimated at $100, then our system will add the 17.5% Codeable fee to the top and the price you see displayed on your screen is $117.5 and that’s the total out the door price charged by Codeable.

All prices displayed and funded on Codeable are in USD $.

Please keep in mind that we’re a Danish company and our credit card payment processor, SafeCharge, is based in Canada.

A small percentage of client’s banks may charge an international transaction fee when paying via SafeCharge. It’s usually a very small amount, around 1%, but on larger projects this may add up. This is not a fee charged by Codeable, but rather the client's bank or financial institution. 

If your card company charges an international transaction fee (even when paying in USD), then we suggest considering PayPal to safely deposit your funds into escrow as this usually prevents the international transaction fee (not always, but a large percentage of the time since PayPal has locations in many different companies it becomes a "local" transaction instead of international).

If you have any questions about payments of fees or how Codeable works, reach out to us in support and we’ll be happy to help!

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