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Is it possible to speak live on a call with experts?
Is it possible to speak live on a call with experts?

Are developers available to talk over the phone?

Updated over a week ago

Yes, Codeable Experts are available to talk on a call if you prefer.

Not all Codeable experts are willing and able to "hop on a call" though, so you should ask or let them know you prefer this if it's required. 

Typically, before you hire an expert, many experts are willing to hop on a 10–15 minute phone call to quickly discuss your needs if you require. Anything longer than that, and our experts are required by Codeable to charge for a Consultation which is $69 and gets you 1 hour of an expert's time for planning your project or defining  a scope of work to be estimated for example. 

If you require phone conversation during your project from your hired expert, then you should be clear about that with them before you hire. Although most experts usually see mutual benefit of hopping on a call when necessary to help the project progress and are very willing and able. 

Many experts on Codeable do prefer written communication though as it helps enable things to not get dropped and have things clearly laid out as to what was said and agreed upon. 

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