This almost never happens on Codeable, and if it was to happen, we are historically very good at remedying the situation, so you are in good hands. Also, your deposit is always secure in our escrow until you mark your project as complete. 

This question actually highlights one of the huge benefits of outsourcing your development work to Codeable, if anything happens to your developer, our support team has got your back!

Codeable experts are required to be responsive for you, so if they ever disappear and you cannot get a response from them you should contact Codeable Support right away for help. Also, experts on Codeable are only taking on projects they know they can complete, so they should never walk out on your project before it's done. 

But sure, sometimes things happen, and there could be a number of reasons why the developer you've hired goes unresponsive or if unable to continue work on your project. The good thing is that if this does happen, on Codeable, we are very successful with replacing an expert on a project when it's necessary or required to get the project completed. 

Our experts are like family and they all really care about each other, our clients, and Codeable's reputation, so they are always eager to help in tough situations. So if your hired experts has important issues that take them away from your project, we have others ready to step in and pick right up and make good on original agreements...

This process is never ideal, but again we are pretty successful at replacing experts when we need to do it. And given we have 430+ developers here, that's a lot more backup than working directly with a local or individual freelance developer not supported by Codeable.

But again you can rest assured that this scenario is extremely rare at Codeable and should not need to be of concern for you if you are considering hiring here. 

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