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Are your developers familiar with this specific theme?
Are your developers familiar with this specific theme?

I am looking for help with _________ theme.

Updated over a week ago

Yes, it's more than likely that out of our 510+ expert WordPress developers, we have someone who is familiar with the certain theme. 

The best way to find someone is to post for all experts and let our system find the right expert with the right skills and availability to help you. 

It might be possible we don't have any experts who have 'tagged' themselves with a specific theme, but that does not mean they are not familiar with it. You see, our experts are limited on tags they can use to ensure that they are specialized in which ever tags they choose to display on their profiles, but often their experience goes deeper than the tags they select. 

Additionally, our experts are only responding and estimating project in which they are sure they can complete. So you can rest assured they are only offering help when all is clear for them and they are sure they can deliver.

Depending on which theme you need help with we may have a varying number of experts offering help. We are the premium support provider for many of the most common and highest rated WordPress theme authors who constantly send their customers to Codeable for help outside the scope of the theme author's support. 

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