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How to describe your project details
How to describe your project details

Guide to writing a proper description or project brief

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When writing a project description, or brief, the general rule of thumb is: the more details the better.

The 6 things that should be included in any project brief:

  • Goals of the project

  • Budget

  • Timeframe

  • Users and target audience

  • Design consideration and preferred aesthetic

  • Success criteria

If you're not sure what to enter for any of the items above, please mention this in your description (or as a follow up comment after your project has been posted), that you're not sure of something. For example, what a realistic deadline or budget is, and our experts will help you once they have a clear understanding of what you'd like delivered.

All of our WordPress expert developers are professionals and know what questions to ask to further refine and define your project scope so that it's as clear as possible before submitting their estimates.

If you'd like a more detailed and comprehensive guide to writing a WordPress brief, we have an excellent one here:ย 

If you're having any difficulty or challenges with the posting of your project, or you aren't sure if your brief is clear enough, we encourage you to message us in support and we'll be happy to talk you through it and provide feedback, guidance, and help to get your project posted and experts engaging with you!ย 

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