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What if I don't feel safe providing access to my live website?
What if I don't feel safe providing access to my live website?

We know it can be hard trusting new developers with your website, so we help make it easy.

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We understand it can be difficult and uncomfortable giving access to your website to developers you don't know yet.

Luckily, we're not like other outsourcing websites online in that all of our WordPress developers have been carefully screened and vetted to ensure they meet our high standards of providing quality communication (in English), clean code, and responsiveness. You can learn more about our screening process here:

While we successfully deliver more than 2,000 projects every month, and the average project rating is 4.95/5, we want to provide some additional options for you to consider when working with freelancers, whether on Codeable or elsewhere.

First, make sure you have backups of your website and database files. Even if your hosting company provides daily backups, it's excellent practice to have another backup locally on your computer. There are several great plugins, some even free, that can help you with making these backups.ย 

Next, we suggest creating a staging or development environment where the work can be done. In this way, you will be able to give your developer access to your staging site where all of the work will be done. You can then have the opportunity to review everything, confirm it looks and works as requested, then approve the pushing of the staging to the Live site.

Depending on your hosting company, the option to create a staging environment can be as easy as 1-click. Other hosts can provide them on request, while some may be a bit more complex to set up if you're not familiar with how to create them. You may contact your hosting company to see if they offer this ability, and they should be able to provide documentation to complete it (or offer to do it for you).

If you have any questions about backing up your website or staging environments, please reach out to us in support, and we'll be glad to assist :)

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