So just how good is the screening process?

Step 1. The Application

49% of all applicants don’t make it past the initial screening of language and communication based on their application they submit. If they aren’t able to clearly communicate to us about themselves, they will certainly have challenges communicating with clients. All Codeable experts must be able to clearly read, write, and speak English.

Step 2. The Test Project

We then send the remaining applicants a test project that they must complete and send back to us demonstrating they are able to write clean, well-commented code and are able to put together a beautiful website.

63% of the remaining applicants are removed in this stage and do not progress to the next.

Step 3. The Live Interview and Live Coding Test

Next, each candidate is scheduled for a live interview with one of our in-house senior developers and one of our Happiness Heroes. This is where we test their communication, ask them questions about how they would respond in certain client/project situations, and then conclude with a live coding test. This process eliminates another 33% of remaining applicants.

Step 4. The Final Interview with Per

When a candidate makes it this far, they are fully screened and vetted to be great Codeable experts who are professional, experienced, responsive, and friendly. They understand our mission and how we’re trying to save the internet from bad online outsourcing and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both clients and experts so that they can come together to collaborate, share ideas and complete projects from around the world.

We feel comfortable standing behind these experts 100% with our warranties and protections, including our money back guarantee, knowing they will provide a great experience for our clients. An experience that we can be proud of.

Step 5. 45 Day Trial Period

It’s rare, but not everyone who becomes a Codeable expert has what it takes to remain an expert. After 45 days, we carefully look at the performance of each expert to determine if they are a great fit to continue working together. The ones who remain after this 45 day period are granted their official Certified Codeable Expert status. These experts have demonstrated excellence in their communication with clients regarding responsiveness, communication, meeting deadlines, and cleanly written code that is well commented.

Of course, it goes without saying that experts need to maintain the high-quality standards we have. Otherwise, they can still be deactivated for not delivering on our quality promise.

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