At Codeable, we care about your privacy and security, which is why our team has implemented a tool called Credential Vault. This vault allows you to share sensitive site credentials with experts of your choosing and adds another layer of protection to our already secure platform.

It's really easy to get starting using the Credential vault.

Here is the walkthrough of how to navigate and use the Credential Vault for sharing sensitive site credentials (like logins and passwords):

Step 1: Click on "+ Add credentials"

Simply click the button that says 'CREATE VAULT'

Step 2: Enter the information you'd like to keep extra private

  1. Add your sensitive information you'd like to share with your experts working on your project. You can enter as many site urls, logins, passwords, and any other information you'd like to share and keep private.
  2. Then enter your password to provide another layer of security in case you need to access your vault from another computer or browser.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to each expert you'd like to share the credentials with (and don't worry you can always update this list later).
  4. Click the 'CREATE VAULT' button.

Step 3: Success!

Congratulations, you've just successfully created your Credential vault.

You may click the 'Close' button to close this window and return to your workroom.


Open, update, or remove credentials

At any time, you have the option of accessing your Credential Vault to see your credentials, update with whom your sharing your credentials, or deleting your vault completely.

Removing credential vault allows you to remove it permanently when the project is over or if you forget your password to access your vault, you can remove it and easily create a new vault by repeating the steps above.

Please note:
If you're prompted for your password to access your vault, it typically means you're using a different computer from the one that you initially used to create your Vault, or you're using a different browser, or you cleared your browser history. 

If you enter the wrong password, you'll see strange characters like this:

To keep our security high, it's not possible to recover a forgotten password. Your expert(s) may still access and view your vault, even if you can't remember your password and are seeing characters like the ones above. 

If you are trying to update the credentials or change your sharing preferences, and can't remember your password, we suggest clicking the button to 'DELETE VAULT' so that it's completely removed. Then you're able to create a new vault using the steps above :)

Please reach out to us in support if you have any questions and we'll be happy to help!

PS. Sometimes a browser extension may affect your private key or vault access such as grammarly or some adblocking extentions.

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