Once you submit your project, your first point of contact is your workroom.

In your workroom, you and any experts responding to you have a shared common goal of getting your requirements clear enough to provide you a no-obligation to hire estimate.

Here you can ask our experts any clarifying questions and they will request additional details from you (should they be required in order to estimate your project).

This stage of the project is all about defining the scope of your project as concisely as possible. This helps both you and our experts to manage expectations and reduce risk for you and them to ensure the success of your project.

If you have sensitive information you wish to share with a certain expert you can use our secure Credential Vault for that!

If you are not logged in to the app, we will notify you via email every time a new comment has been posted so you may return and respond.

Once you hire an expert, you and your chosen expert will be redirected to a private workroom where you can continue the conversation and share additional credentials and files.

If you'd like to change your notification options including the frequency of our emails, please go to your Settings page in your Profile.

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