Our experts can apply to work for you by submitting an estimate to your project; you can then review the estimate and click the HIRE button next to the expert's name if you want to hire that expert.

To view all of the expert(s) who has/have applied to work for you, please go to your project page, and scroll up to the top where you can see your project tile, details, and on the left of your screen, you will see the expert(s) who have applied/estimated.

If you have been talking with our experts, but no expert has applied to your project yet, please don't worry and continue helping our experts understand your requirements better. When they are confident in helping you, they will submit an estimate.

Please feel free to contact the support team if you have any questions.

Next to each expert's name, you can see the button HIRE.

Note: The list of experts who have estimated/applied could be blocked if you have the chat window open with Codeable support; please close the chat window. You can always re-open or start a new conversation with the support team, and the chatting history stays.

At any time in the conversation, you may click on the expert's picture or name to view their profile, learn more about them, and read their past ratings and reviews.

After you find an expert you feel comfortable working with, click the "HIRE" button next to their name to get started.

You'll then be asked to deposit your funds securely into our Codeable Escrow System for the work to begin.

You can view the payment options in this help article,

We're different from all of the other outsourcing sites online. Our WordPress developers have been carefully screened and vetted to ensure they meet our high standards of providing quality communication (English), clean code, and responsiveness. 

We invite you to learn more about our exclusive screening process here:

You can be confident that all of our experts follow our simple but strict rule that they may only submit estimates on projects they know they can solve. We then stand behind them 100% with our money-back guarantee.

So it really doesn’t matter whom you hire because the developers estimating your project can complete it.

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