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What is a consultation project?
What is a consultation project?

What is a consultation, how does it work, and what's included?

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A Consultation project is free to post and begin engaging with an expert about what you hope to achieve. 

If, after engaging with an expert, you feel comfortable proceeding with the consultation call, you'll receive a discount off their average hourly rate and only pay USD 69 for 1 hour of the expert's time to speak on a call. 

Some ideas of what clients use the consultation for include: 

  • If you're stuck on something and need advice on how to get unstuck...

  • If you have a large complex project (site or plugin) that you need help scoping out properly...

  • If you'd like a walkthrough of how to use your website or a specific theme or plugin, or functionality...

  • If you would like to implement a specific site/setup and know the best configuration of which theme+plugins to use to accomplish your goals...

  • Please be aware that not all experts can provide this discounted hour as some do charge higher rates...

  • Consultations also do not cover "training/looking over their shoulder" and will need to be estimated as a normal project...

And don't worry if you go over that 1 hour. If you're feeling good and getting value and you'd like to keep going, then your expert can create an additional task for more time.

How to Get Started with a Consultation

To get started with a Consultation task, you'll want to click the 'Start a Consultation' button on the project submission form:

You'll then want to enter the title and description of what your consultation is about. Please take time to clearly explain your request and the problem you want to solve. Be careful to not jump straight into solutions as your requested solution may not be the best solution, and it'll be better to focus on the problem you want to solve versus self-prescribing your own solution.

Once you've posted a Consultation task, our experts will be able to find it, and the ones best suited will begin the conversation to confirm they understand what you're looking to achieve, and those best suited will apply for it. 

Please confirm a date/time before hiring an expert or funding it to begin so that you can make sure both of your times/dates are in alignment. You may be in a different timezone than the experts you're speaking with, and better to get confirmation on an agreeable time before you make a hiring decision.

We also suggest that you confirm what you hope to achieve as a result of the consultation. For example, if you would like a scope document created with your project details, please mention that it may impact the amount of actual speaking time available if they will also need to create a document afterwards.

You're basically buying an hour of our developers' time and may use it however you find most beneficial for you. 

You may then hire the developer you feel most comfortable with, deposit your USD 69 into escrow, and the 2 of you can hop on a call, Skype call, Hangout, or simply chat back/forth in the private workroom...

Let us know if you have any questions about Consultations, and we'll be happy to help.

Ready to post your consultation for our experts? 

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