Pricing is based on the total scope of work to be done. 

In the case of troubleshooting or debugging, it can be a bit tricky to estimate accurately, so depending on the issue and complexity many experts will request an initial consultation/discovery phase of 1-3 hours so they can look into what is needed to be done to solve your specific issue. 

In the case of troubleshooting performance issues, this may require between 5–10 hours or even several days as additional steps are needed to determine what is causing the issues;  i.e. debugging environment may be needed to find out what is wrong and multiple tests performed to narrow down the issue(s).

Sometimes the issue is solved in this time. But it is not a guarantee to have it solved and it may take that long to find the issue and once the exact issue is known, then it can be estimated to actually fix.

The best way to proceed though is to go ahead and post a new project (for free) here: 

This will allow you to start speaking with our experts about the issue you're encountering and then they'll be able to better define your particular situation.

Let us know if you have any questions here in support and we'll be happy to help!

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