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Why does my project cost more than I was anticipating?
Why does my project cost more than I was anticipating?

My theme/plugin only costs $50, so why does it cost more than that to have customizations made to it?

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes when posting a project to update or customize your theme or plugin, you'll discover the cost to make these updates will cost more than the entire plugin or theme costs. 

You may be asking yourself, why is that?

If my theme only costs $50, why will it cost, say $200 to make some modifications to it?

Great question, and please allow me to shed some light on it for you :)

Let's use the example of customizing the Revolution Slider, which is a very popular plugin that's used across many, many WordPress sites. 

There might be 5,000+ hours that have gone into the development of RevSlider over the years, which at a rate of $80 per hour would be around $350,000+ in total development cost and what it might cost you if you were to build it from scratch. 

However, they've sold over 2.5 million copies at a minimum of $25 per license and they've generated around $62m gross, so they're making it up in scale. 

At a rate of $80 per hour, any customization work starts to add up quickly. So even smaller updates can take a few hours and cost many times the entire cost of the plugin (or theme).

Our experts are careful to estimate your project based on the total scope of work being requested (approx. # of hours to complete), the complexity, and the urgency. 

It's free to post and begin speaking with our experts about the details of what you'd like done. And if you have any questions throughout the process, reach out to us in support anytime! Cheers :-)

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