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Will the code provided by Codeable experts be "update proof"?
Will the code provided by Codeable experts be "update proof"?

I asked for update proof code, but it's no longer working after update.

Updated over a week ago

Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about your site being broken and want to help.

At Codeable we stand behind our experts and their work and always want to do what's right if their code is at fault.

Please reach out to Codeable Support and we will have our in-house senior developers determine the what was done incorrectly.

We always recommend full backups before performing any updates.

Why do I have to pay again when I request update proof code?

Once a project is completed the client now becomes the owners of the code. With all custom code, there is routine maintenance needed and there is no such thing as a forever-update proof solution.

The reason for this is that it is impossible for any expert coder to be able to anticipate the changes made by the theme and plugin authors who dictate their own code. So, if you hired an expert to code you a plugin that works with a theme or another plugin, there will always be a chance of the new version not being fully compatible with your previously working code.

Child themes are often associated with 'update proof' but even those require maintenance and are ultimately dictated by the theme authors and the updates they release. So even with a child theme it is possible to lose your customization on site update.


Gravity Forms 2.0 release documentation even advises developers "Please be sure to view the changelog below. We have deprecated some developer focused features..." which expert developers could not have anticipated any of those although any one of them could impact their work. This major 2.0 release by the popular Gravity Forms Plugin broke a lot of custom integration that needed tweaking to work correctly with the new version. There is no way for an expert to anticipate that.


So there may have been a miscommunication as to your expectations and the requirements as provided your expert. There is no way an expert could have anticipated these issues. No code was lost, the code is still very well in tact, just has some issues to be troubleshooted given the major update the theme or plugin. WordPress websites require maintenance which sometimes involves fixing elements after updates happen, expecting any element of your site to be 100% update proof is not possible.

What should you do to fix this?

Have you asked your expert for an estimate to update their work to be compatible with the new version?

Final Notes

To have any theme or plugin customization be completely update proof is an impossible expectation even with best practices in place. If this was your expectation, the site should use a custom theme (not themeforest) and only custom plugins. Even then, updates to your hosting server could still present the need for additional maintenance repair work as time passes.

Even a well maintained car will leave you stranded calling a tow truck and it's not always your mechanics fault.

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