How do Codeable Retainers work?

Retainers are fixed-price tasks you can hire a Codeable expert for and have them take care of it for a given period of time. Anything you might need continuously or on an ongoing/recurring basis can be a retainer task. WordPress regular maintenance, security audit, custom plugin/theme updates are perfect examples you could make Retainers for and get them addressed for as long as you need.

How can you start with Retainers?

Once you have a recurring task in mind, you'll need to hire an expert and agree with them on the details and recurring price upfront. After both parties are on the same page and are ok with the scope of work and total cost, the expert will create a Retainer for your specific task in our application, and you'll get automatically billed each month for it. Lean and neat!

Note: we're already working on the possibility for you to pick and create a retainer task right from the beginning. For now, though, you'll need an expert to create one for you.

How can you pay your newly created retainer?

Once an expert has created a retainer task for you to fund, your workroom will show a banner at the top of the screen prompting you to fund the recurring subscription:

How do you update the card details for the retainer task?

To update the card details for the retainer task, the existing retainer task needs to be canceled either by the client or the expert. And then, the expert needs to create a new retainer task so the client can put in the card details again to initiate the monthly payment immediately.

How do you cancel a retainer task?

You first need to click "VIEW ALL TASKS" to view the retainer, and then you will see the "CANCEL" button.

You can also ask your expert to cancel the retainer task. It will not affect your expert getting paid for the current retainer, and you won't be charged again after the retainer is canceled.

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