How do Codeable Retainers work?

Retainers are fixed-price tasks you can hire a Codeable expert for and have them take care of it for a given period of time. Anything you might need continuously or on an ongoing/recurring basis can be a retainer task. WordPress regular maintenance, security audit, custom plugin/theme updates, are perfect examples you could make Retainers for and get them addressed for as long as you need.

How can you start with Retainers?

Once you have a recurring task in mind, you'll need to hire an expert and agree with them on the details and a recurring price up front. After both parties are on the same page and are ok with the scope of work and total cost, the expert will create a Retainer for your specific task in our application and you'll get automatically billed each month for it. Lean and neat!

Note: we're already working on the possibility for you to pick and create a retainer task right from the beginning. For now, though, you'll need an expert to create one for you.

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