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Failed Payments: Troubleshooting
Failed Payments: Troubleshooting

Payment did not go through? Why did my payment fail?

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Having trouble paying for a project/an additional task

If your payment via Stripe failed, we suggest you:

  • try one more time again, and please double-check that the payment information is entered correctly

  • or try a different payment method

  • or contact the issuing bank for more information and help

You can also choose to pay via PayPal on the payment popup.

If you don't see the payment popup for the project, please refresh your browser window, and it will pop up in no time, as shown in the gif below:

To browser the unpaid additional task, click the link in the banner or the "VIEW ALL TASKS" button on the right side of the project's page.

Paying through bank wire transfers in EUR and USD and Wise

Besides paying via Stripe and Paypal, we offer the option of paying through bank wire transfers in EUR and USD.

Additionally, we provide the option of using Wise ( in USD.

If you are interested in exploring these options or have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via the live chat or email us directly at [email protected].

Having trouble paying for a retainer task

For a new or ongoing retainer task

We suggest you contact your bank or card company, which will help you pre-authorize the transaction. And please also let them know this is a monthly recurring payment.
When the retainer payment fails four times, it will be canceled automatically.

Change the card for the retainer task

The only way is for you or your expert to cancel the current retainer and ask your expert to create a new one. Please fund the new retainer task immediately to ensure your expert can be paid on time.

If you still can't fund the retainer task, you can move this forward using regular additional tasks instead of retainers. Your expert needs to create an additional task every month for the next month's maintenance work, and you need to mark the previous month's additional task as complete and fund the new one.

For more information about retainers, please check this article.

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