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How do I extend my expiring retainer task?
How do I extend my expiring retainer task?

My retainer task is expiring soon.

Updated over a week ago

According to the regulations, all retainer tasks have 2-year periods, and you need to extend it every two years to keep it running, and it's straightforward to do so:

Inside your project workroom, where additional tasks and retainers are managed, you will see a notice beside your retainer package encouraging you to Extend or cancel.

Our support team is always happy to assist you with extending it. Just let us know, and we'll be more than happy to help.

To extend your retainer duration another two years, simply press the extend button and confirm:

What happens if the retainer expires?

Should a retainer expires, it appears inactive to both the client and the expert, and nothing can be done to reactivate it. The expert will need to create a new retainer task for the client to put in the new card details to start the new retainer task.


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