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How can I switch my expert for a new one?
How can I switch my expert for a new one?
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There are a few different reasons why clients need to switch experts.

One of these reasons is that an expert has become unavailable to both yourself and to support.

In this case, Codeable will seek to replace the expert after a reasonable amount of wait time has passed.

Another reason for wanting a replacement is that maybe you have become unsatisfied with an aspect of the project and would like to explore the possibility of working with someone else.

In the event that you've become unsatisfied with your current expert, there are a few procedural steps to follow. The following is our recommended course of action for switching an expert.

1. Reaching out to support for advice

Here at Codeable, we've found that miscommunication is the #1 cause of all conflicts. Oftentimes, if you explain your situation to a support agent, they might be able to advise a way forward without the need to replace the expert.

If the issue cannot be resolved, the contract will need to come to an end through other means.

2. Negotiating an exit

Support agents cannot take a contract away from an expert without the due process of filing an official dispute.

Disputes can take up to 14 days to resolve so it is often much faster for both client and expert to negotiate mutually agreeable terms of exit, rather than filing a dispute.

Exits are arranged through partial refund agreements, and in some very rare cases, even full refund agreements. Before filing a dispute, speak with your expert to see if there could be a partial refund that you will both find agreeable. When there's an agreement, Codeable will honor it as long as it is within our terms of service.

If an agreement cannot be met, then Support will move forward with a dispute resolution as discussed in Step 3 below.

3. Filing a dispute

Disputes can be filed by either party at either time and usually signal the end of the relationship.

In a dispute, a committee will provide an in-depth technical evaluation of the project based on evidence within the workroom and supplemental evidence submitted during an evidence collection process. The dispute committee will then make a determination on what level of refund is appropriate.

All resolutions provided by the dispute committee are considered final. Once a dispute concludes, a Support Team Member will be happy to help secure a replacement expert who is a better fit for your project.

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