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How long do I have to give feedback on a project before marking it complete?
How long do I have to give feedback on a project before marking it complete?

You might be wondering how long you have to review material produced by your expert. This article will have the answers you are looking for.

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According to our current Terms and Conditions, once contracted material is presented for review, the client has seven business days to provide meaningful feedback to progress the project.

If meaningful feedback cannot be provided in seven business days, the project may be open to what is called a countdown dispute. In a countdown dispute, an additional amount of time, normally lasting a supplemental seven days, is provided to the client. This time should be used to provide the required meaningful feedback to progress the project to a closing state. We follow this process to ensure experts are fairly paid for their time.

In the instance that the client remains absent, or meaningful feedback is not provided within the designated period, then Codeable reserves the right to review the work submitted by our expert and mark the project complete on behalf of the client.

In the case that the work is partially completed, then Codeable will determine an appropriate refund amount by reviewing the completed work and comparing it against the scope agreement.

Our experts do depend on predictable turnaround times when working for our clients, and often they work hard to make sure their work is delivered in a timely manner.

Making sure their work is, likewise, reviewed and compensated in a timely manner is an essential part of the Codeable platform.

Requesting an extension

If you require more than seven days to review an expert's work and provide meaningful feedback, please let them know and request an extension. Oftentimes our experts will be happy to offer additional time to review and progress the project.

Custom timelines

If both a client and an expert agree to an extended review period, Codeable will honor it.

28 Day Warranty

If you're worried about bugs, our platform offers a 28-day warranty where our experts will fix any bugs related to their work agreement.

Marking a project complete

It is important to be aware that when a project is marked complete you are no longer eligible for refund or dispute. So please provide meaningful feedback to your expert, in a timely manner, until you are satisfied that the work our expert delivered satisfies the scope of work.

We've provided two helpful articles below that show how a customer can mark a project complete:

Scope of work disagreements

If, for any reason, a client and an expert disagree on an aspect of the scope agreement, we recommend completing all other aspects of the project that are in agreement until only the final issue remains. If an agreement or compromise over the contested item cannot be achieved, then either a partial refund can be negotiated or the issue can be elevated to a dispute committee for impartial determination of refund amount.

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