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Can I change a review once it is submitted?
Can I change a review once it is submitted?

In this article we detail our review policy and whether or not Codeable permits editing reviews at a later date.

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Codeable Reviews: Submitting & Removing

At Codeable, we encourage both clients and experts to submit a review once a job is completed. Reviews submitted to the Codeable platform are permanent and cannot be changed. For the best experience, we advise the client and the expert to be confident in their choice of commentary and star selection before submitting any reviews.

Our Philosophy on Why We Allow Reviews

The Codeable platform allows clients and experts to make meaningful decisions about who they are comfortable working with. We understand that reviews can reflect the work done and are an important part of our platform. I think maintaining a respectful and professional tone when submitting a review is essential. We ask all clients and experts to consider how their review reflects upon Codeable, its services and its professionals.

Could you remove a review?

We reserve the right to remove a review if the content provided is demonstrably untrue, is perceived as hostile or threatening, or does not comply with our terms of use. We will carefully assess any requests to remove a review on a case-by-case basis.

If the client requests a review to be removed from the platform, we will honour these requests on any past projects. If the expert requests a review to be removed from the platform, our Customer Success Team will review each case and all relevant information to ensure it aligns with our policies.

Our reviews and ratings system aims to ensure all users of our platform can find the right people and businesses for their needs and allow our experts to gain recognition for their skills and hard work.

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