How do I mark 'Additional Tasks' as complete?

When inside of your project workroom, you'll need to click the title of the funded additional task (this task title usually accompanied by a blue dot to indicate that it has been funded).

This will bring up a lightbox pop-up window of your additional task's details where you can click to 'Mark as completed' and confirm with 'Yes it's done'.

Additional tasks are marked complete independent of each other and of the main parent task. 

Meaning if work has been completed and you've reviewed it and everything looks great, you may then mark it as complete while work continues on the other still-open tasks you have outstanding. 

By marking the main project as complete, you may still have additional tasks pending and being worked on. The money will remain in escrow inside of the additional task until you verify everything has been done to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions about how additional tasks work, please message us in support and we'll be happy to chat with you about it :)

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