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How to mark an additional task complete?
How to mark an additional task complete?

Additional tasks are marked complete independently from main projects.

Updated over a week ago

Additional tasks are marked complete independent of each other and the main parent task.

How do I mark additional tasks complete?

If your project has additional tasks, and after you mark the project as complete, you still need to mark each additional task as complete to release the payment from each task to your expert.

When inside your project workroom, you'll need to click the button VIEW ALL TASKS to view the additional tasks and mark them complete.

After you click the "VIEW ALL TASKS" button, it will bring up a pop-up window of your additional tasks' details. You can click on 'Mark as completed' and confirm with the button Yes.

If you are on your phone, then you may need to scroll all the way down to find the button VIEW ALL TASKS.

If you have any questions about how additional tasks work, please message us in support, and we'll be happy to chat with you about it :)

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