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I already marked my project as complete, but now I need further assistance
I already marked my project as complete, but now I need further assistance
Updated over a week ago

Even if your project was marked as complete, your workroom remains open and you can still reach your expert at anytime. You can find your completed project workrooms under Archived Projects on your dashboard when you log in or simply ask Codeable Support via live chat for help finding it. 

Simply write a message in your workroom for the project in question, and then your expert will respond when they are online and notified. 

Please keep in mind our experts are located around the world and allow them some time to respond as it may be night-time for them. You may also reach out to us in support at any time and we'll be happy to help get you and your expert back in touch.

If you need some additional work, you can ask to create an additional task, which enables you to continue working on the same task even after it has been marked as complete. Read more about additional tasks here.

And not to worry, you still have 28 days to return after marking it complete in case any bugs or issues should come up. 

As long as the issues are with the solution delivered and not something accidentally changed/altered by the client, your expert will fix it for free. 

28 days should be plenty of time to discover any bugs and is one of the longest guarantees in the industry. Please refer to our Codeable terms of service for full details.

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