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Phrases to avoid when posting your project
Phrases to avoid when posting your project

There are some key phrases that will turn developers off from your project... these should be avoided to get the best response

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There are some key phrases that should be avoided when posting a project or discussing a project on Codeable (and when speaking with developers in general outside of Codeable).

When posting your project, please consider not using phrases like, 'I know this job is a very small and simple job...' Or 'This should be easy if you're a professional...' and 'This should only take 20 minutes...' 

When developers read phrases like this, they often skip over a project (not just on Codeable but all websites) :) It is devaluing them as developers and professionals as most people using these phrases are not developers and really don't know how long something should take.

To give a real world example, we recently had a client inform us they have a WordPress website that had many customizations done to the parent theme and so they needed to place them inside of a child theme. The site also needed to be migrated to a new location and the theme and plugins all updated. 

The client thought this should be 'simple for a professional and not take long at all to complete.'

We explained to the client that while the project requirements do sound simple on the surface, it will still likely take a few hours to complete depending on how extensive the customizations are that were made in the parent theme, which will need to be carried over to a newly created child theme.

Once the child theme is created, then the parent theme will need to be updated safely to the newest version, along with all of the plugins. Depending on how old the theme is, this may or may not be a smooth process. Hopefully the update will be easy and without issue. But depending on the number of plugins there are, and how old the plugins are, any number of them may break the site. To safely update the theme and plugins, we'll want to create a staging environment where the client or a developer can safely update each individual piece of the site 1 by 1. Otherwise, if the client updates all plugins at the same time automatically, it may be difficult to determine which update caused issues.

And then the site still needed to be migrated... long story short while on the surface it may sound simple, in reality it rarely is. 

So please consider avoiding words and phrases that might cause developers to pass over your project and treat them with the professionalism and respect they deserve. :)

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to us in support and we'll be happy to help!

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