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Can I add a teammate/colleague to my project?
Can I add a teammate/colleague to my project?

Can I Have Multiple Team Members Inside a Project? How do I grant other people access to my project?

Updated over a week ago

At this time, we don't (yet) have the feature to allow multiple account access to the same project. 

It's something we've been receiving requests about lately though so our engineering team is looking into including this in a future update. The way our system was coded originally though this is a fairly large undertaking and so in the meantime we have a couple of workarounds to hopefully help you with this.

The first option would be to share your email/pw with your trusted team member so they're able to log in as well. If your team member plans on commenting on a project, then perhaps consider signing your name to your own comment to help reduce confusion later. We have some clients who operate this way...

If you decide to share your Codeable account with your team member(s), there is no payment information that gets stored in our system, you won't need to worry about that type of information being visible or accessible. Each project is funded manually and only when agreed to with you and your chosen expert. 

The other option, is that once your project is underway, you can ask your expert to use a project management tool like Slack, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or any other system you may already be using. 

If you and your team are already using a PM tool, you can ask your chosen expert to use it as well. Or if you're not using a PM tool, but would like to start so that it will be easier for all parties to communicate on a project, then your chosen expert can help you get set up. Trello, Slack, and Freedcamp are all free and work really well.

Please let us know in support  if you have any questions and hopefully 1 of these options will work for you until we integrate this new feature. :-)

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