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How do I reply to 1 specific expert in my workroom?
How do I reply to 1 specific expert in my workroom?
Updated over a week ago

We found that during the initial discovery phase of your project, by having an open-communication format where a client can openly communicate with our interested experts at the same time, it helps to speed up the process of clearly defining your project, resulting in a more thorough scope of what you'd like delivered, and prevents you from having to answer the same question more than once.

If you'd like to reply to a specific expert, you may address that person by their name and then answering their question.ย 

Your project won't be private until you've hired one of our experts, but don't feel obligated to get back to all experts if you have a good dialogue with one or a couple already.ย 

If you're already feeling more comfortable speaking/working with a specific expert, you may create a new project with that person listed as your 'Preferred Expert'. At that point the new project will be private for just the 2 of you to speak about the details of what you'd like done.ย 

(Or if you'd like us to help you with this, we'll be happy to duplicate your project for you and your chosen Preferred Expert.)

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