Our terms of service have confidentiality built right in, but if you have an NDA you'd also like signed you may upload it to your project workroom (after publishing your new project).

Although requiring an NDA before disclosing project details can negatively impact the response or willingness of our experts to assist, it's certainly fine that you would require one to be signed. 

Confidentiality is one of the highest priorities of any business and we have added an NDA clause to our Terms of Service here: https://codeable.io/terms-of-service/terms-and-conditions/#Confidentiality

All of our experts accept our Terms of Service when they work for us, so they are automatically subject to the NDA that it's included.

Here are a few suggestions we usually make for those who ask about NDA's at Codeable:

  1. If you can disclose as much infomation as possible in your brief without requiring an NDA it will help you with getting an estimate from an expert here. This is because they can quickly look into your project better to determine if it's a good fit for them. 
  2. Don't worry, your project posting on Codeable is private to our vetted experts here who we trust and would never do anything to hurt your website or company, which in turn would hurt them as well. 
  3. If you really need an NDA signed before disclosing anything... we also have our credential vault which makes things easier by only providing access to sensitive information to those who have signed or those you allow. 

If you have further questions about NDA's here at Codeable please just ask your expert or support via live chat or support@codeable.io.

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