On Codeable, over 70% of our clients are returning, choosing to work with the same expert(s) again and again.

If you'd like to work with an expert you've already worked with, there are 2 ways to get started.

Please note: It’s optional to select a Preferred expert and if you don’t enter any names into this field, our system will match you with the right experts who can help you.

Option A: Navigating to your expert's developer page and clicking the 'HIRE NAME' button at the top of their profile. 

For example:

Option B: You may enter your chosen expert's name in the submission form when posting your new project.

For example:

Both Option A and B will accomplish the same thing; posting a new project for your chosen expert to continue working with you on your new request.

Here's a quick walkthrough on starting a new project and entering your expert's name into the 'Preferred experts' field:

Here are the specific steps involved, broken down into bite size chunks to follow along...

Step 1: Access the Project Posting Submission Form

To get started, click the button on our homepage labeled 'Get Started Now' to begin the process of posting your new project:

Step 2: Select Which Category You'd Like To Use

It's less important which category to choose, so please don't worry about picking the "right" category. Your expert will be able to help regardless of your selection here. When you're ready, please click the dropdown menu and select an option, then click the 'START' button.

Step 3: Enter The Name Of Your Preferred Expert

Simply click in the input field and begin typing their name. Our system will auto-complete their name allowing you to click on the individual to choose the expert you would like to work with on your project.

Step 4: Select If You Wish To Publish Your Project For All Experts After 24 Hours

This is helpful if you're not sure of your chosen expert's availability. So if they aren't available, you can have the project automatically open itself up after 24 hours so that other qualified experts can enter the conversation to help you.

If you wish to keep your project private and DO NOT want it to open for all of our carefully screened developers, then please un-check the box and your project will remain private.

Step 5: Continue Entering Your Project Details As Usual

Please continue with entering your project Title, Description, Deadline, and Budget. Then at the end, please click the button at the bottom that reads 'REVIEW MY PROJECT'

This gives you 1 final opportunity to make any updates necessary before posting your project for your chosen expert.

Please reach out to us in support if you have any questions and we'll be delighted to help! 

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