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Warranty period for Retainers
Warranty period for Retainers

How does the warranty and guarantee work on Retainer tasks?

Updated over a week ago

Retainers have the same 28 day warranty as regular projects and additional tasks. It's basically the same as an additional task, except that it's automatically funded and marked as complete each month.

To give you an example, if a retainer begins (is funded) on say April 16, then it will automatically mark itself as complete on May 16 and automatically charge for the next month on May 16... then the process repeats until cancelled or payment fails 3x in a row and automatically cancels itself out.

There are no contracts or lock-in periods and you may request to cancel the retainer at any time. If work is done and delivered to you and you're happy with the quality, then we can provide a partial refund for the time remaining and not used. And if any bugs are found in the work delivered, then they will be covered by the 28 day warranty period, just like a normal task :)

And if you have any followup questions, reach out to us in support and we'll be happy to help!

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