One of the many advantages of paying your expert through Codeable is that you should not be required to file US tax forms (W-2, W-9, 1099-MISC, etc.) for those freelancers.

Our freelancers are classified as independent contractors and you actually aren't paying them directly. You're paying Codeable ApS which is a Danish corporation with no offices in the USA, and then Codeable pays your expert when you mark the project as complete.

We've been receiving requests recently from some of our other US based clients asking for an account summary stating how much was paid to Codeable for the year and a statement at the bottom saying: 

Codeable ApS is a business headquartered in Denmark and thus exempt from 1099 reporting requirements.

If you would like one of these forms generated, please message us in support via intercom or by emailing and let us know the information to use (i.e. is this for individual or business) and the details to use (name/company name, address, business tax ID if applicable, etc.) and w'll be happy to generate send over asap :-D

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