Something many clients may not realize is that we’ve been quietly testing our Codeable Team Division and the results have been incredible. 

What is the Team division? Great question! 

Our Codeable Teams are full agencies working within Codeable and who specialize in larger and more complex projects. These teams all have in-house developers, designers, QA’s, and Project Managers.

To gain access to our teams division you’ll need to select a project type of either ‘Theme’, ‘Plugin’, ‘Installation’, or ‘Custom Project or Ecommerce’.

Then when you indicate a budget of at least $3,000 another field will appear asking if you’d like to post your project for our teams:

Clients are more consistently posting projects in the $10,000 - $40,000 range, and several that are now over $60,000.

This is an exciting time for Codeable and as the success of Codeable Teams is increasing, we’re carefully increasing the number of teams available to help on these larger projects. 

I know what you may be thinking, that sounds great but are these teams all still pre-screened and vetted to ensure they’re able to deliver on the quality promise? Absolutely!

Every single team started out as an individual expert and has more than proven themselves worthy of being invited to join our Team program. This is a special honor to be selected and only the best of the best of our individual experts are invited to join. And of course, they must be an agency to even qualify.

If you have a larger project, our teams would speak with you about the details to see if your project might be a good fit. It’s still free to post a Team Project and our experts will be happy to begin the conversation with you.

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